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Why a Lemonade Stand in a Box(TM) ?
The lemonade stand is an American institution.  During the summer, it is common for children to setup up tables in their driveways or along the roads near their houses, make a pitcher of lemonade, and sell it by the cup to those who pass by.  While the stand traditionally sells lemonade, the lemonade stand is really a much broader retail stand and children (and even adults) can offer a wide variety of products in a similar manner.  This can include, any form of beverage, any form of food, school fundraising items, collections for charity, or tickets to events.   The lemonade stand is even enshrined in popular culture with such items as Lucy(from the comic strip “Peanuts”) selling psychiatric help for 5 cents from her stand.
While stands are common, its construction often left much to be desired.  The stand was generally a table(often a folding or card table) that was big, heavy, and often difficult to transport, particularly for children. Further, in order to advertise what was occurring at the table, those working the table would often have to make signs, tablecloths, or other placards to advertise.  While this allowed an outlet for some creativity, the signs were often flimsy and tore easily(such as when made on rolls of butcher paper) or were relatively small due to the constraints of board material available.  The stand was not really a toy. Instead, it was a collection of adult items that was simply used by children as a toy similar to a sofa cushion fort.    One clear problem with the retail stand as it has stood is that it is not nearly as attractive, or of the common shape, with the stand as displayed in popular culture. Instead, it tends to look like simply an out of place table.  This product solves that problem.
The stand, as it is commonly depicted in fiction, is a much more permanent structure (akin to a fruit stand) often made of wood or other building materials. While such a stand can be readily made to allow children to play, it is often problematic for the parents as it can be very difficult to store, and children can notoriously flip between activities and loose interest in using the stand very quickly. This retail toy stand solves this problem also by providing for an attractive and sturdy structure, but can be readily broken down into a folded up arrangement and stored or transported.  The stand is generally intended to be a toy so that children can have a retail stand that they can decorate and play with, but which parents can readily collapse and store in a compact fashion when they move on to something else.  The stand allows for multiple uses if it is used with a reasonable degree of care.    
The box is designed for easy transport and storage by providing the toy with a compact, linear, stackable, shape.  The box  includes a carrying handle to allow the box (and the stand) to be easily transported by hand.     
The stand is assembled of a semi-rigid corrugated paper made out of recycled paper and contains a waterproof adhesive which is capable of supporting weight, but which is relatively light.  
The stand has a “patent pending" status, and assigned by the patent office serial No.: 61862421 
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