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About Our Product
  • It’s a lemonade stand in a box! 
  • It’s a cookie stand in a box! 
  • It’s a fruit stand in a box!
  • It’s creativity in a box! 
  • It’s an entrepreneur in a box! 
This product encourages children to decorate and create their own unique stands. 
This 6' x 4' product is easy to set up, take down, and stores in its original box for multiple reuses. Sturdy, but weighs less then 12 lbs.
 “It’s a great creative art project, as well as a fun lesson in business.” 
                   -Mrs. Hayden,
                             Elementary School Art Teacher 
A green product, made from recycled paper and totally recyclable  
 Manufactured in St. Louis, MO 
 A product of Do It Yourself Toys, LLC 
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Lemonade Stand In A Box
corrugated stand with sign made to be decorated by user
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